Boston University

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Boston University


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    Boston University was originally founded in 1839 as the Newbury Biblical Institute in Newbury, Vermont. It became the Concord Biblical Institute after a move to New Hampshire in 1847.

    It moved to Massachusetts as the Boston Theological Seminary, and was chartered as Boston University 30 years later in 1869. Even in 1869, all sections of the school besides the actual seminary were religiously neutral, and admitted students of any gender, race or religion – quite progressive for its time. The first woman in America to be awarded a PhD did so at BU in 1877. The first woman admitted to the Boston Bar Association went to BU’s law school.

    It saw many famous students and professors in its early years. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone there, and it was the birthplace of the ‘Boston Personalism’ mode of theology.

    Boston University – more commonly referred to as “BU” – is now a major private research university and completely non-sectarian, having divested itself of the seminary in the 20th century.


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