Purdue University West Lafayette

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Purdue University West Lafayette


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    Purdue University was created in 1869 and was named after John Purdue, its largest single founding benefactor. Originally it had six teachers and only 39 students, though it began to grow quickly.  

    The school awarded its first PhD (in Agriculture) in 1897. It established the first university-owned airport in 1934. One of its Chemistry faculty won the university’s first Nobel Prize in 1979. Another Nobel Prize for Chemistry followed in 2010. In 2014 it became the number one US public university in terms of international student enrolment

    Purdue today is home to some 41,000 graduate and undergraduate students as well as some 2000 full time members of faculty. The 2,307 acre campus boasts 377 separate buildings. It offers some 6,700 courses and 200 degree specialisations divided between its Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Technology, Science, Nursing, Pharmacy & pharmaceutical Science, Management, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Education, Family & Consumer Science and Agriculture.


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