University of Texas at Austin

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University of Texas at Austin


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    The University of Texas at Austin was founded well before Texas became a state, and its formation was a part of the 1827 constitution making the area a state of Mexico. No actual land was set aside for the school, though until 1839. The University of Texas was officially established in 1858. It became a part of the Association of American Universities in 1929. It was also the first major university in the South of the United States to admit a black student – in 1950.

    The University of Texas at Austin today is one of the nation’s great research universities, with 51,000 students and some 3,000 teaching faculty to its name. It is a large part of the University of Texas System, which includes seven other universities and six healthcare institutions. It is headquartered in Austin, and can boast a total of some 216,000 students all told. Its total endowment is around $27 billion, making it the largest for any public university system in the nation.


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