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University of Wisconsin – Madison

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University of Wisconsin – Madison


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    The University of Wisconsin – Madison began its long history in 1838, before the formation of the state of Wisconsin, with a bill to establish a university near Madison, the territorial capital. However, it was not incorporated until after the formation of the state, and classes began only in 1849.

    It admitted its first female students in 1863, bit did not become a fully coeducational school until 1874. The first African-American to gain a BA degree graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1875. It also opened the nation’s second College Union in 1907.

    More recently, the National Science Foundation selected UW-Madison as the location for its National Institute for Science Education in 1995. It opened the Chadbourne Residential College in 1997, and the School of Pharmacy’s Rennebohm Hall opened in 2001.

    The University of Wisconsin – Madison today is a flagship public university with more than 44,000 students and 2,200 academic staff. Its endowment is nearly $3 billion, an sits on a 936 acre urban campus.


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