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Washington University in St Louis

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Washington University in St Louis


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    Washington University (Not associated with the state of Washington or Washington DC) was chartered in 1853 by the Missouri General Assembly. Initially it was called the Washington Institute after General and President George Washington, but had its name changed to Washington University in 1856. The tag ‘in St Louis’ was added more than 100 years later, to avoid confusion with other prestigious schools like Washington State University, George Washington University and the University of Washington.

    Washington University in St Louis today is a private research university has four campuses – the Main Campus in St Louis County, Missouri, the West Campus in Clayton, Missouri. The North Campus in St Louis, Missouri and the Medical Campus, also in St Louis. Collectively, they are home to more than 15,000 students, nearly 4000 academic staff and some 12,000 administrative staff.

    The school sees itself as a single community where people work together to support each other, and to achieve both their individual and collective goals.


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