William Marsh Rice University

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William Marsh Rice University


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    William Marsh Rice University – generally called simply ’Rice University’ today – was chartered in 1891 but the money allocated would only be available upon its namesake’s death. Despite a dramatic murder and a plot to administer a faked will, the money was in the end used to create the William Rice Institute for the Advancement of Letters by 1912.

    The school adopted the name William Marsh Rice University in 1960, and was instrumental in the formation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 1962. It is still closely associated with NASA and its operations in Houston to this day.

    Rice University today occupies the same 300 care campus in Houston Texas as when it was founded. However, it has become a major American research university known for its Applied Science programs, especially its work on artificial heart engineering, nanotechnology, aerospace science, signal processing and chemical analysis. In fact, it earns more than $140 million in sponsored research every year.


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