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100 20th-Century Gardens and Landscapes (Twentieth Century Society)

100 20th-Century Gardens and Landscapes (Twentieth Century Society) Hardcover – 5 Mar. 2020

Kindle Edition Author: by Twentieth Century Society Seller name : Amazon
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This book explores more than 100 years of great British gardens, and what these landscaped spaces have meant to the British people through the decades.


What does this book cover? 


This book from the Twentieth Century Society not only tracks the development of the British garden from the close of the 19th century to today, it looks at the complex relationships these gardens have had to the homes and public buildings which they accompany.


100 20th-Century Gardens and Landscapes (Twentieth Century Society) examines everything from:


  • 1980s style low-maintenance hardens and exteriors
  • Arts and Crafts gardens
  • Gardens in new towns
  • Landscaped spaces for offices and transport parks
  • Lavish illustrations and garden plans
  • Memorial gardens
  • Modern community and wildlife gardens
  • The gardens created for 20th century housing projects
  • The history of gardens as explained by great gardeners of the 20th century


About the Author


The Twentieth Century Society is one of Britain’s foremost architectural charities. It seeks to preserve and celebrate architecture from the close of WWI onward, and has provided both advice and support to planning authorities and practicing architects alike for decades. They are certainly experts on the last 100 years of British gardens.



100 20th-Century Gardens and Landscapes can help you plan the perfect garden, but it is also a great way to explore modern gardening.