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A Brief History of Geology Hardcover – 19 April 2018

A Brief History of Geology Hardcover – 19 April 2018

Kindle Edition Author: by Kieran D. O'Hara Seller name : Amazon
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A Brief History of Geology was written to make the stories – and the dramas – of the field’s founding and important developments easier to approach.


What does this book cover?


This lovely hardcover edition of A Brief History of Geology contains a theoretical and practical exploration of the field of geology. It explores how the science became a science, some of the major controversies which shaped its early years, and the modern questions that geologists of all stripes are still struggling to resolve.


Just a few of A Brief History of Geology’s high points include:


  • Attempts to estimate the age of the earth around the time of the industrial revolution
  • The development of plate tectonic theory in the 20th century
  • The concept of the Anthropocene era and its applications
  • A brief look at the geology of the moon


About the Author 


Kieran D. O’Hara teaches at the at the University of Kentucky’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, where he holds the post of Professor Emeritus. He has more than 3 decades of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and is the author of books like Earth Resources and Environmental Impacts and Cave Art and Climate Change.



In A Brief History of Geology, Professor O’Hara puts all of that expertise to work for you.