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A Place to Call Home: Timeless Southern Charm

A Place to Call Home: Timeless Southern Charm Hardcover – Illustrated, 10 Oct. 2017

Kindle Edition Author: by Emily Followill (photographer), James Farmer Seller name : Amazon
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The American South has always had its own unique architectural flavour. A Place to Call Home explores eleven of its most unique and diverse homes.


What does this book cover?


A Place to Call Home: Timeless Southern Charm is a celebration of everything that makes southern architecture unique – the tastes, styles and interior preferences of its residents and the amazing homes delivered by some of its top design houses. Each one of these buildings is more than a show house – it is a living, breathing home.


As you read, you’ll explore:


  • Newly built modern homes, recently remodelled classics and a few complete home makeovers in iconic southern styles
  • A diverse array of southern architectural styles keyed to different tastes, family makeups and usage patterns
  • James Farmer’s own stories of life, love and home décor in the south


About the Authors


James Farmer heads up James Farmer Inc, a design, interiors and landscape company based in the US state of Georgia. He has also written books like Dinner on the Grounds, Porch Living, A Time to Cook, A Time to Celebrate and A Time to Plant. Emily Followill contributes beautiful full colour photography.



This is a great guide to the residential architecture of the American south, through the eyes of one of the region’s top designers.