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Animal Biology and Care Paperback – Illustrated, 13 Jun. 2014

Kindle Edition Author: by Emily Jewell, Sue Dallas Seller name : Amazon
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Animal Biology and Care makes a great introductory text for students of veterinary medicine or animal care. This edition is great for visual learners.


What does this book cover?


The 3rd edition of Animal Biology and Care was designed for both students and educators, and follows the curriculum of classes in veterinary care, animal nursing and animal care. It has three chief sections – Animal Nursing Procedures, Animal Health and Husbandry and Animal Science.


New features of the 3rd edition include:


  • A fully interactive companion website with plenty of resources to test your understanding
  • Chapter summaries to reinforce learning objectives
  • Expanded coverage of recent animal welfare developments, including the Animal Welfare Act
  • Content relevant to the many new exotic species which have become common as pets in recent years


About the Authors                                                                                       

Emily Jewell teaches at Reaseheath College, where she serves as the Curriculum Area Manager in Animal Management. She has also worked for Edecxel as an External Verifier in Animal Management. Sue Dallas is a veterinary nurse who has worked in North America and the British Isles. She has more than 22 years of animal care and veterinary nursing teaching experience.



Animal Biology and Care is a great place to begin your education in animal care.