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Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings Paperback – 26 Oct. 2018

Barry’s Advanced Construction of Buildings Paperback – 26 Oct. 2018

Kindle Edition Author: by Stephen Emmitt Seller name : Amazon
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Barry’s Advanced Construction of Buildings has long been a standard text for construction and building students. Now you can own the updated 4th edition! 


What does this book cover?


The updated and heavily revised 4th edition of Barry’s Advanced Construction of Buildings is a roadmap for the construction of large scale industrial, commercial and residential buildings of all kinds. It outlines all kinds of load bearing frames – steel, concrete and timber, and follows the entire life of a project from planning to demolition. It is designed to follow the equally revered Barry’s Introduction to Construction of Buildings, also in its 4th edition.


As you read, you’ll benefit from:


  • Chapter beginning summaries to aid in retention
  • Tips to building efficiency integrated through the entire text
  • Detailed guides to the environmental, site assembly, offsite construction, design and technology issues you’re likely to face in practice


About the Author 


Dr Stephen Emmitt teaches at the University of Bath, where he heads the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He has decades of industrial experience as a registered architect, and has taught architectural design, architectural management and architectural construction technology courses throughout Asia, Europe and the UK.



In Barry’s Advanced Construction of Buildings, Dr Emmitt has provided an excellent text suitable for both undergraduate and NVQ level 5 & 6 students of architectural technology.