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Biophysical Techniques Paperback – 16 Feb. 2012

Biophysical Techniques Paperback – 16 Feb. 2012

Kindle Edition Author: by Iain Campbell Seller name : Amazon
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There are more ways to study the structure and dynamics of life than ever before, and this paperback edition of Biophysical Techniques explains them all.


What does this book cover?


This text is a survey of all the ways modern biophysicists have to study cellular structure down to the level of individual molecules, and the dynamic ways different cell structures and macromolecules interact.


In Biophysical Techniques, you’ll find:


  • An insightful look at the ways classic biophysical techniques have been enhanced in recent years
  • An overview of the completely new computer-based techniques that have revolutionised the field
  • The physical and mathematical concepts that underlie these new and refined biophysical techniques
  • Detailed end-of-chapter review problems
  • Online resources, such as Journal Clubs and digital versions of the figures and illustrations in the book


About the Author


Iain Campbell teaches Structural biology at the University of Oxford’s Department of Biochemistry. He is an Emeritus Research Fellow at that school’s St John’s College. Professor Campbell joined the Biochemistry department in 1976, so he has seen some ground-breaking changes in the way cellular processes are detected and measured.



Biophysical Techniques will help students of Biophysics and related subfields understand the many recent changes in instrumentation, technique and theory which they will have to master.