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Biophysics: An Introduction Hardcover – 20 April 2012

Biophysics: An Introduction Hardcover – 20 April 2012

Kindle Edition Author: by Roland Glaser Seller name : Amazon
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This fully revised 2nd edition of biophysics: An Introduction is a survey of the study of biological organisation from the molecule to the global environment.


What does this book cover?


Biophysics has always been a fast-moving field, but now more than ever we are seeing changes in the way we conceive of theoretical biology. As new methods of conceptualising and sensing the dynamics and kinetics of life systems become available, there is an even greater need for books like this, which familiarise new students with the latest methods.


Key topics of the book include:


  • Recent developments in Biophysics and closely related fields
  • Detailed overviews of molecular biophysics and theoretical biophysics
  • The latest advances in protein folding and dynamics
  • Membrane assembly and transport at the molecular level
  • Photo-biophysics and noise-enhanced processes


About the Authors


Dr Roland Glaser has been a researcher at the Atomic Energy Agency in Berlin and the Institute of Cardiology. He was a full Professor o0f Biophysics at Humboldt University, specialising in the biophysics of cell surfaces. He was vice-president and then president of the Society of Physical and Mathematical Biology as well.



Biophysics: An Introduction has been translated into many languages, and this 2nd English edition is very popular in the US and the UK.