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Business of Sustainable Wine Paperback – 1 July 2017

Business of Sustainable Wine Paperback – 1 July 2017

Paper Back Author: by Sandra Taylor Seller name : Amazon
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This is a guide to making wine in an environmentally responsible way, and marketing it to an ever more ecologically conscious global market.


What does this book cover?     


Business of Sustainable Wine looks at the way that more and more of today’s consumers demand both social and ecological responsibility from the producers of the goods they buy. They care about water scarcity, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity, and they want wines that have been made by responsible operations using ingredients that come through transparent and responsible supply chains.


Some of the most important content includes:


  • How the wine industry can encourage sustainable agriculture techniques all the way back down its supply chain
  • How wine makers can appeal to more environmentally conscious consumers
  • How sustainability can be achieved in each of the world’s different winemaking countries


About the Author                                                                                         

Sandra Taylor has more than 2 decades of experience working with organisations like Starbucks coffee Company to promote social responsibility, environmental sustainability and more transparent agricultural supply chains. She has written extensively about wine making and is the founder of Fine Wine Divas.


In Business of Sustainable Wine, she shows how the growing demand for socially and environmentally responsible wine production can be met by today’s wineries without massive, disruptive overhauls of equipment or procedure.