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Business Studies Paperback – 18 Jun. 2008

Business Studies Paperback – 18 Jun. 2008

Paper Back Author: by Alain Anderton, Carlo Raffo, Dave Gray, Dave Hall, Ian Chambers, Rob Jones Seller name : Amazon
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Anyone teaching or studying Business A or AS Levels will need a guide like this to fully master the material and to achieve at the highest levels.


What does this book cover?


This has been a market leading textbook for all four of its iterations, constantly revised to match the new teaching curricula and testing requirements, but also to ensure that its readers understand the new global business environment that they will soon be entering. Its material is fully relevant to all relevant testing boards, including Edexcel, OCR and IB, as well as most others.


This text provides:


  • Full colour graphic elements, including engaging and clear tables, charts and diagrams to better explain complex concepts
  • A balanced mix of theoretical and practical material, both connected to modern business issues in a way that invites debate
  • A format suitable to the latest assessment styles, including case studies, data response sections and short answer quizzes.
  • New additions by contributing author Alain Anderson, designed to tie in the very latest thinking on several important issues


About the Authors 


Rob Jones, Carlo Raffo and Dave Hall have partnered to bring together the earlier iterations of this must-have book, and bring all of their expertise and understanding with them. Alain Anderson is new to the 4th edition, providing modern insight and case studies which younger readers will find most engaging.



This revised edition is a must have modernisation of a business education classic, ideal for teachers and students alike.