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Civil Engineering Materials Paperback – 24 Sept. 2015

Civil Engineering Materials Paperback – 24 Sept. 2015

Kindle Edition Author: by Dr. Peter A. Claisse Seller name : Amazon
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Civil Engineering Materials can help you stay on the cutting edge of civil and construction engineering by helping you find engineering materials information yourself.   


What does this book cover?


Civil Engineering Materials doesn’t seek to encyclopaedically list the properties of the thousands of different engineering materials available today. Rather, it aims to give you the skill and knowledge you need to find that information yourself. It can also show you how to analyse and apply the latest information available, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge of engineering materials knowledge.


Civil Engineering Materials also addresses:


  • The characteristics of emerging and traditional non-structural materials
  • How you can calculate the performance of an engineering material based on factors like its electrical resistance, thermal conductivity and specific heat
  • Worked example problems using examples from the text
  • Guidance on writing reports


About the Author


Professor Peter A Claisse holds an Emeritus position at Coventry University. After 22 years of teaching experience, Dr Classie works on concrete structure durability modelling, on a consultant basis. His recent works include a textbook on the transport properties of concrete.



In Civil Engineering Materials, readers will discover both the basic concepts of materials for civil engineering as well as the skills they will need to stay on the cutting edge of materials advances.