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Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide Paperback – 30 April 2019

Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide Paperback – 30 April 2019

Paper Back Author: by Vyvyan Evans Seller name : Amazon
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This is one of the most authoritative overviews of cognitive linguistics on the market today, from one of the masters of this subtle field.


What does this book cover?   


This revised and updated edition of Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide is a deep exploration of how the human mind shapes language, and in turn how language can shape the mind. It explores the linguistic side of literature, text communication, discourse and society in general.


New features of Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide includes 7 completely new chapters, encompassing:


  • An overview of language science
  • The research methods used to study the human mind through language and behaviour
  • Language beyond the spoken and written word, such as sign language, gesture, conceptual structure, meaning construction and semantics
  • Visual learning aids, including more than 200 figures, diagrams and tables


About the Author  


Vyvyan Evans is the author of more than 14 books on different aspects of language and linguistics. He was a professor of Linguistics at Bangor University, Brighton University and the University of Sussex. He received his PhD from Georgetown University, and is recently best known for his research into ‘emojis’.



Here, Professor Evans delivers a detailed yet accessible text explaining the nature of human language and how to apply cognitive linguistics to many different topics.