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Communication Skills For Dummies Paperback – 3 Dec. 2012

Communication Skills For Dummies Paperback – 3 Dec. 2012

Kindle Edition Author: by Kuhnke Seller name : Amazon
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Communication Skills For Dummies can help you develop the kind of listening and communication skills which can supercharge both our personal and your professional life.


What does this book cover? 


Like all of the For Dummies books, Communication Skills For Dummies is designed to help you master one or more key skills. In this case, it can help you become a better listener, build stronger rapports, and communicate both verbally and non-verbally.


This edition of Communication Skills For Dummies includes detailed guides to:


  • Making progress on the career ladder
  • Interviewing – and getting – new work opportunities
  • Truly understanding what is going on – overtly and deniably – in the modern workplace
  • Connecting with friends and loved ones on a deeper level
  • Understanding the emotional subtext of statements and communications
  • Using modern digital communication channels effectively


About the Author


Elizabeth Kuhnke is the founder and Managing Director of Kuhnke Communication. They deliver bespoke workshops, coaching and communication programs to large and small companies all over Europe and Asia. She is also the author of Persuasion & Influence For Dummies and Body Language For Dummies.



Communication Skills For Dummies is an invaluable guide to communicating more effectively – and listening better – in both personal and professional situations. It can help you improve both kinds of relationships.