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Competition in Telecommunications (Munich Lectures in Economics)

Competition in Telecommunications (Munich Lectures in Economics) Paperback – 26 Jan. 2001

Paper Back Author: by Jean Tirole, Jean-Jacques Laffont Seller name : Amazon
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Competition in Telecommunications is just the book you need if you need to become familiar with how money and resources flow through the telecoms industry.


What does this book cover?


This handy paperback edition of Competition in Telecommunications is a great example of the Munich Lectures in Economics series. It starts with the basics and then goes on to analyse incentive regulation, one-way access, 2-way access and computing subsidies using engineering modules.


Competition in Telecommunications also contains a number of important resources. These include:


  • A thorough background in the issues the telecoms industry faces
  • The most advanced theoretical tools, which make use of the economics of incentives, political economy and industrial organisation theory
  • A history of how competition emerged in various network industries
  • An analysis of recent efforts at reforming the regulations that affect the telecoms industries


About the Author 


Jean Tirole was the Nobel Laureate in Economics for 2014. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Toulouse School of Economics and Scientific Director of the Institut d’Economie Industrielle. Jean-Jacques Laffont has been Director of the Institut d’Economie Industrielle and a Professor at both the Institut Universitaire de France and the Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse.



In Competition in Telecommunications, they provide an insightful guide to a very complex topic.