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Critical Care Assessment by Midwives Paperback – Illustrated, 28 Jun. 2018

Critical Care Assessment by Midwives Paperback – Illustrated, 28 Jun. 2018

Kindle Edition Author: by Judy Bothamley, Maureen Boyle Seller name : Amazon
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This is a must-read text, offering comprehensive and accessible guidance to the growing number of critical care midwives staffing maternity units in the UK today.


What does this book cover?


This is a critical text for students and midwives at all stages of practice. It sets out a model template for assessing your patients, and helps you spot many health conditions before your patients’ health and outcomes become compromised. It will also help you know when to make referrals, and to improve the outcomes of those referrals.


The main resources of the book include guides to dealing with:


  • Sickle cell crisis, hypoglycaemia and ketoacidosis
  • Fluid balance and fluid replacement
  • Blood monitoring systems
  • Anaphylactic, hypovolaemic and septic shock
  • Haemorrhaging and blood loss
  • ABCDE assessment
  • The assessment of neurological, respiratory and cardiac conditions for midwives


About the Author 


Judy Bothamley and Maureen Boyle both serve as Senior Lecturers in Midwifery at the University of west London. With many years of clinical and educational experience behind them, these professionals know just what you can do to improve your ability to assess your patents’ health, manage their treatment and psychosocial support, and improve your patients’ outcomes.



This book represents many decades of experience from two of the most respected midwifery educators in the industry today.