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Data Handling and Analysis (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science)

Data Handling and Analysis (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science) Paperback – Illustrated, 2 Nov. 2018

Paper Back Author: by Andrew Blann Seller name : Amazon
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Data analysis and data handling are vital skills for any biomedical scientist. That’s why a guide like Data Handling and Analysis is so very important.


What does this book cover?


You really cannot hope to make substantial advances in any of the biomedical sciences without a firm grasp of the best data handling and data analysis techniques. Being published in any peer reviewed forum demands the best practices of data handling, and analysis is at the heart of all science.


Data Handling and Analysis (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science) offers you:


  • A broad yet quite detailed overview of statistics and data analysis for all of the biomedical sciences
  • A guide to the quantitative skills you’ll use in your research
  • Practical tips on experimental design, as well as the collection, analysis and presentation of your data


About the Author  


Andrew Blann is a consultant clinical scientist at Birmingham-based Blood Science Solutions. He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer of Medicine at the University Department of Medicine. He is often a visiting professor at the University of Wolverhampton’s Department of Biomedical Science as well.



You’ll never find a more useful volume for exploring the best practices of collecting and manipulating biomedical science data. It will remain a favourite throughout your career.