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Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Sketch to Screen to Site

Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Sketch to Screen to Site Paperback – Illustrated, 4 April 2019

Paper Back Author: by Edward Hutchison Seller name : Amazon
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Drawing for Landscape Architecture seeks to reinforce how important it is to draw design schemes by hand before using CAD and other digital design tools.


What does this book cover?


This book stands for the principle that traditional representational techniques are still vitally important. They help the designer understand the shape they are depicting on a more visceral level, making the entire design process smoother and more reliable. Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Sketch to Screen to Site is in no way suggesting that modern digital design tools aren’t crucial to delivering real world landscape and garden designs. It does, however, point out that there is a vital, physical connection that can be lost of you skip the manual sketching stage altogether.


Just a few of the most informative sections of this book include:


  • Absorbing the Landscape
  • Drawing on Site
  • Drawing Ideas
  • Plan, Elevation and Section Drawing
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Perspectives
  • Money Drawings
  • Construction Detail Drawings
  • Case Studies


About the Authors 


Edward Hutchinson runs a successful London landscape design practice. Before that, he worked with Foster & partners. Some of Hutchinson’s works were celebrated by the Royal Watercolour Society in their 2011 annual show.



This book is a must-read for any landscape architect or designer of outdoor spaces. It contains material suitable for both Undergraduate and Graduate-level students, and is highly accessible.