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Eduqas Biology for A Level Year 2: Student Book Paperback – 10 Jun. 2016

Eduqas Biology for A Level Year 2: Student Book Paperback – 10 Jun. 2016

Paper Back Author: by Marianne Izen Seller name : Amazon
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The paperback edition of Eduqas Biology for A Level Tear 2: Student Book explores all the information you’ll need to pass your Eduqas Biology exams.


What does this book cover?


Written specifically to prepare Biology students for the Year 2 Eduqas exams, this book is the authoritative text on preparing for these exams. It covers everything you’ll need to know as well as tactical tips to help you make the best possible showing on exam day.


Just a few of the best features of this book include:


  • Practical assessment preparation content – the practical assessment is worth a full 15% of your grade, so be sure you’ve fully prepared for it!
  • Maths for Biology content – the Mathematics of Biology section is worth a further 10% of your exam, and this book makes sure you won’t lose points there unnecessarily
  • Continuity and Requirements of Life content – the reminder of your points will come from this section, divided into multiple subtopics


About the Author


Dr Marianne Izen has taught A Level Biology for some 3 decades, in schools all over the UK. Before her teaching career she was a noted researcher in the UK as well as in the USA. Her work on the behaviour of plant cells in tissue cultures has been extensively published. She is currently Principal Examiner for one of the UK’s most prestigious awarding bodies.



Here, Dr Izen has produced a masterpiece study guide.