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Employment Law: A Practical Introduction (HR Fundamentals)

Employment Law: A Practical Introduction (HR Fundamentals, 17) Paperback – 3 Sept. 2018

Kindle Edition Author: by Elizabeth Aylott Seller name : Amazon
125 reviews

This book is a big part of the HR Fundamentals series, which is fully endorsed by the CIPD – the UK’s chief HR professional body.


What does this book cover?    


The revised and updated 2nd edition of Employment Law: A Practical Introduction is at its heart a beginner’s guide to the complex and fast-moving field of employment law. It seeks to help you understand how HR law is important both to the day to day operation of an HR department, to the overall organisation, and to the employees themselves.

It is regarded as one of the most approachable and plain-speaking works on the subject, and does a great job of describing the key points of employment law and how they interact with the HR function.


You’ll learn about:


  • The latest legislation and regulations that affect the HR function
  • Effective methods for delivering top notch HR services
  • Modern, relevant case studies and practical examples
  • The benefits of early conciliation
  • The overlap between HR and H&S


About the Author                                                                                         

Elizabeth Aylott is not just a practicing HR specialist but also an educator. She lectures in Employment Law and Employee Relations. You may know her as the author of Employee Relations from Krogan Page.


Employment law is a complex field, and this book makes it understandable – perfect for line managers, HR professionals and students in the field.