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Environmental Science in Building Paperback – 16 Nov. 2017

Environmental Science in Building Paperback – 16 Nov. 2017

Kindle Edition Author: by Randall McMullan Seller name : Amazon
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Environmental Science in Building looks at how energy management and the built environment can affect the environmental impact of and living conditions within modern buildings


What does this book cover? 


Environmental Science in Building gives you a deep, evidence-based understanding of the environmental science principles which underlie modern green construction techniques and the laws which mandate their use. It looks at everything from energy management and sustainability to constructing buildings to deal with the effects of climate change.


Environmental Science in Building addresses many important issues, including:


  • The environmental impact of energy use, air control, water supply and waste water production
  • The science of light, heat, sound and water, and how they inform the latest building techniques
  • Greener construction, and reducing a building’s environmental impact across its entire life


About the Authors


Randall Mulligan has written many books like this one, and those dealing with science, construction, education and applied computing. He is a trained construction physicist, with many years of industrial experience, He has also served as a governmental advisor in the field.



Environmental Science in Building is a great way to begin exploring the physical and scientific principles which underlie greener building techniques, as well as a guide to employing them more effectively.