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Environmental Science Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Jan. 2018

Environmental Science Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Jan. 2018

Kindle Edition Author: by G. Miller, Scott Spoolman Seller name : Amazon
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This new 16th edition of Environmental Science is packed with lavish photographs of wild nature, as well as the work of famed National Geographic explorers.


What does this book cover?


Environmental Science is an inspiring introduction to the environmental sciences generally. It focuses on sustainability, linking the study of nature to individual and institutional economics. It also seeks to inspire students to care more deeply for the planet, then gives them the tools they will need to build a career caring for it.


Environmental Science includes sections on:


  • How ecosystems work and develop
  • Evolution, biodiversity and environmental resilience
  • Saving species by saving ecosystems, and vice versa
  • Humanity and urbanisation
  • Human systems and ecological sustainability
  • Producing food sustainably
  • Protecting clean water resources
  • Renewable and non-renewable resources
  • Solid and hazardous wastes
  • Environmental damage and human health


About the Authors


Scott Spoolman has more than 3 decades in educational publishing, and has worked with his co-author for nearly 20 of them, producing books like Sustaining the Earth and Living in the Environment. G Tyler Miller has been writing about chemistry, ecology and environmental science since 1975, and his textbooks have taught more than 3 million students.



Environmental Science delivers deep insight into the environment, and how humans can take a more sustainable place within it.