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Harmony and Voice Leading Hardcover – Student Edition, 1 Jan. 2018

Harmony and Voice Leading Hardcover – Student Edition, 1 Jan. 2018

Paper Back Author: by Allen Cadwallader, Carl Schachter, Edward Aldwell Seller name : Amazon
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Harmony and Voice Leading is a useful handbook for anyone taking a course in voice leading, or who needs to understand more about music theory.


What does this book cover? 


Harmony and Voice Leading and its companion piece (MindTap Music, which offers a PDF version of the text and a range of audio examples) addresses every core concept in voice leading and harmony, including species counterpoint composition. It is a great way to learn more about voice music theory.


Harmony and Voice Leading is a ‘must read’ because it offers:


  • A thorough set of examples, with accompanying audio
  • An insightful discussion of chromaticism, dissonance and specific techniques
  • Good coverage of surface rhythm, chord displacement, pitch elaboration and neighbour tones
  • Expert discussion of suspensions, anticipations, bass-line harmonic participation and implied harmony


About the Authors


Edward Aldwell attended The Julliard School, and studies the piano under Adele Marcus. He teaches at Mannes in the Techniques of Music and Piano departments. Carl Schacter has some 6 decades of music teaching behind him. He recently retired as Distinguished Professor of Music at Queens College. Allen Cadwallader teaches at Oberlin Conservatory of Music.



Harmony and Voice Leading is a favourite of students and professional music tutors alike because of its breadth and insight.