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Higher Biology: Second Edition Paperback – 26 April 2019

Higher Biology: Second Edition Paperback – 26 April 2019

Kindle Edition Author: by Caroline Stevenson, Clare Marsh, James Fullarton, James Simms, James Torrance Seller name : Amazon
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This updated new edition of Higher Biology takes all of the 2018 changes to the SQA Higher Biology syllabus into account, keeping you fully prepared.


What does this book cover?


Primary author James Torrance and his team have developed a text that will help you prepare for the most recent version of the SQA Higher Biology exams. It contains the most up-to-date materials and many detailed case studies.


In addition, Higher Biology: Second Edition contains:


  • Greatly expanded Apply Your Knowledge and Skills sections, focusing on scientific enquiry, investigation and experimentation
  • Frequent summaries outlining the facts and concepts you’ll need to master if you are to do well on your SQA exams
  • End of chapter self-assessment sections designed to test your understanding of the material
  • Case studies, investigations and suggested research topics throughout, providing jumping-off points for independent learning


About the Author 


Jim Torrance, James Fullerton, Caroline Stevenson, James Simms and Clare Marsh are all experienced educators teaching different aspects of Biology in the Scottish school system. The team has been writing text books for more than 4 decades, such as National 5 Biology with Answers: Second Edition.



The paperback edition of Higher Biology: Second Edition is an excellent choice for any student of Biology, and is specifically geared to the 2018 revisions of the SQA exams.