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Histopathology (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science) Paperback – Illustrated, 16 Nov. 2017

Histopathology (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science) Paperback – Illustrated, 16 Nov. 2017

Paper Back Author: by Brian Nation (Editor), Guy Orchard (Editor) Seller name : Amazon
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Histopathology is a complex discipline which requires a firm foundation in the biomedical sciences. This edition of Histopathology (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science) gives you that.


What does this book cover? 


The paperback edition of Histopathology, like all of the books in the Fundamentals of Biomedical Science series, begins with an overview of the life sciences underlying its topic and then expands into covering histopathology in greater detail. It also provides the kind of vital laboratory and practice skills you’ll need to build a career as a practicing histopathologist.


Histopathology covers essential information for biomedical science students, such as:


  • Best practices of laboratory management
  • Case studies designed to help you apply theory in the real world
  • Day to day laboratory practice
  • Diagnosis and pathogen identification
  • Identification of clinical conditions via cell and tissue samples
  • Presampling techniques and procedures


About the Authors  


Dr Guy Orchard holds two important positions – that of Guys Hospital London’s Viapath Operational Lead for Head and Neck Pathology, and that of Laboratory Manager at St John’s Institute of Dermatology. Dr Brian Nation serves as Editor for the Institute of Biomedical Science’s journal, The Biomedical Scientist.



Histopathology (Fundamentals of Biomedical Science) is a condensed guide to the topic of histopathology broadly, as well as the fundamental biomedical sciences upon which the discipline rests.