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How Music Works Paperback – 19 Sept. 2013

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How Music Works Paperback – 19 Sept. 2013

Kindle Edition Author: by David Byrne Seller name : Amazon
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How Music Works builds upon Byrne’s work with The Taking Heads and Brian Eno as well as his global travels seeking the nature of music.


What does this book cover?


How Music Works explores music, both from a theoretical perspective and as a very personal creation of an individual artist. It also has a lot to say about the power music has to change lives.


As you read How Music Works, you’ll learn what David Byrne discovered when he explored:


  • The American pop music scene
  • Collaborations with equally talented musicians like Brian Eno
  • The musical theory of western greats like Wagner
  • Folk musical traditions from as far afield as remote African villages and much closer to home
  • The meaning and power of music from his own perspective, both at the beginning of and the end of his journeys


About the Author


David Byrne is perhaps most famous as the frontman for the Talking Heads. However, there is more to this Scottish-born Oscar-winner, Golden Globe-winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alumnus’ musical journey than that. This book explains everything he has learned.



In How Music Works, Byrne explores many of the issues he approached in books like The New Sins and Bicycle Dairies. It has been called his Magnum Opus, and for good reason.