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Iceland (Classic Geology in Europe): 3 Paperback – Illustrated, 12 Jun. 2014

Iceland (Classic Geology in Europe): 3 Paperback – Illustrated, 12 Jun. 2014

Kindle Edition Author: by Armann Hoskuldsson, Thor Thordarson Seller name : Amazon
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The lavishly illustrated Iceland (Classic Geology in Europe): 3 will help you understand what you see when you visit the geological spectacle that is Iceland.


What does this book cover?  


Iceland is number 3 in the Classic Geology in Europe series. It is a complete, detailed walk-through of the incredibly varied geological formations and terrains to be found in Iceland. It uses these structures to illustrate the processes which formed many of the earth’s continents, as well as the environmental effects which turned bare rock into habitable, living lands.


In addition, Iceland (Classic Geology in Europe): 3 explores:


  • The tectonic and volcanic architecture of Iceland’s seafloor rifts
  • The glacier and river systems which grind down volcanic landforms
  • The action of sea and waves on different volcanic coasts
  • The ongoing vulcanism which created the entire North Atlantic Large Igneous Province


About the Author


Dr Thor Thordarson did his PhD work at the University of Hawaii before taking teaching positions at the University of Edinburgh, CSIRO, the IGNS Volcanology Group and the University of Iceland. Ármann Höskuldsson was Director of the South Iceland Institute of Natural History, and currently works at the University of Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences.



In Iceland (Classic Geology in Europe): 3, they have delivered an easy to follow guide to Iceland’s incredible geography.