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Introducing Food Science, Second Edition Paperback – Illustrated, 23 Oct. 2015

Introducing Food Science, Second Edition Paperback – Illustrated, 23 Oct. 2015

Kindle Edition Author: by Alicia Orta-Ramirez (Contributor), Robert L. Shewfelt Seller name : Amazon
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Introducing Food Science is designed as a textbook for undergraduate level classes, as well as for non-major students who nevertheless need to understand food science.  


What does this book cover? 


Introducing Food Science, Second Edition explores food science in four distinct stages, each building upon what you learned in the last. It includes quantitative methods, and explores food science from both the scientific/academic perspective and that of commerce and industry. Finally, Introducing Food Science takes the time to explore each of the sub-disciplines of food science in turn.


The 2nd edition of Introducing Food Science offers important new features, such as:


  • An extensive glossary of important food science terms
  • End of chapter exercises and comprehension questions
  • More than 50 new charts, figures and visual references
  • An all-new chapter on food distribution and sustainability


About the Author 


Robert L. Shewfelt is a part of the University of Georgia, serving as a Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Technology. He has taught everything from freshman level Chocolate Science to a virtual commercial experience Food Processing Lab. Now in retirement, he is still a prolific author.



In Introducing Food Science, Second Edition, he delivers a comprehensive overview of the field which makes an excellent text for undergraduates or for non-majors in upper level classes.