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Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader

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Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow (Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Leadership Mentoring & Coaching, Management Science & Skills) Hardcover – 18 Jun. 2019

Kindle Edition Author: by Scott Jeffrey Miller Seller name : Amazon
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Management Mess to Leadership Success is more than just a WSJ best-seller. It has been called the spiritual successor to Stephen R. Covey’s ‘7 Habits’.


What does this book cover?


Scott Miller knows what it means to fail, but also how to pick one’s self up from a failure to succeed in a new role or context. His unfailing transparency and openness about that process truly sets him apart from other thought leaders in the industry.


The book points out that the way to forge your own success even in difficult circumstances is to:


  • Become the kind of leader who you, personally, would follow
  • Define ‘Wildly Important Goals’ for your organisation, and achieve them
  • Craft a clear team vision with actionable, practical drives
  • Learn how to choose the right roles for the best people
  • Challenge paradigms, lead difficult conversations and actively inspire trust


About the Author


Scott Jefferey Miller spent more than 2 decades with FrankilnCovey, and is not he Executive vice President of Thought Leadership. He hosts a weekly podcast called On Leadership, as well as Great Life, Great Career with Scott Miller. He is a noted public speaker, and has shared his unique take on leadership with audiences in more than 30 world countries.



In Management Mess to Leadership Success, he shares that world-spanning expertise with you.