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Mandolin For Dummies Paperback – 17 Aug. 2012

Mandolin For Dummies Paperback – 17 Aug. 2012

Kindle Edition Author: by Don Julin, Scott Tichenor (Foreword) Seller name : Amazon
125 reviews

Mandolin For Dummies is a great way for someone with no background or training in music to learn to play the mandolin in several styles.


What does this book cover?


Mandolin For Dummies is a step by step guide which can take you from picking up a mandolin for the first time to playing classic pieces of jazz, swing, bluegrass and blues as well as traditional Celtic and Irish favourites.


Mandolin For Dummies also addresses:


  • The fundamental operation of the mandolin itself
  • Instructions on caring for, maintaining and restringing mandolins
  • Advice on choosing accessories
  • Practice pieces you can use to learn the basics
  • Downloadable audio files you can use to play along to
  • Photos, diagrams and aids to visual learners
  • A guide to buying just the right mandolin for your needs


About the Authors 


Don Julin is known as a highly eclectic player. He has been pushing the boundaries of the Mandolin for some 3 decades now, and has established himself as a recording artist, and instructor and a performer. His inclusion in the esteemed For Dummies instrument instruction series comes as no surprise.



In Mandolin For Dummies, Julin has presented a brilliant and insightful manual that can help you master a truly classic musical instrument.