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Midwifery Essentials: Emergency Maternity Care: Volume 6, 1e Paperback – 28 Sept. 2018

Midwifery Essentials: Emergency Maternity Care: Volume 6, 1e Paperback – 28 Sept. 2018

Kindle Edition Author: by Helen Baston BA(Hons) MMedSci PhD PGDipEd ADM RN RM, Jennifer Hall EdD MSc RN RM ADM PGDip(HE) SFHEA Seller name : Amazon
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Maternity care is one of the key functions of a midwife, and volume 6 of the beloved Midwifery Essentials series outlines the latest evidence-based techniques.


What does this book cover? 


Midwifery Essentials: Emergency Maternity Care: Volume 6 is based on the latest advances in the field of midwifery. Its design has been improved to allow better accessibility and approachability, which have been reflected in later volumes in the series. It also focuses on the importance of women-centred care and the importance of communication as a part of all contemporary care.


Key features of this new volume include:


  • Chapters which are fully independent, stand-alone resources
  • A guide to the practice, policies and procedures of emergency maternity care
  • Scenarios which explain the midwife’s role in emergency maternity care
  • Critical reflection on procedures, policies and current practice
  • The ‘jigsaw’ approach, which allows you to explore many different aspects of important topics


About the Author


Dr Helen Baston is an honorary researcher and lecturer at the University of Sheffield. She is a consultant midwife at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Jennifer Hall is a researcher and an independent midwifery educator. Alison Broderick is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, as well as a Consultant Midwife at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.



This is more than just a text book. It is a manual you can turn to throughout your career.

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