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Music Technology from Scratch Paperback – Illustrated, 30 Nov. 2009

Music Technology from Scratch Paperback – Illustrated, 30 Nov. 2009

Paper Back Author: by Mortimer Rhind-Tutt Seller name : Amazon
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Music Technology from Scratch contains everything you’ll need to know to learn how to perform, mix and record music – along with practice, of course.


What does this book cover?


Music Technology from Scratch is not designed to help you pass any particular exam or to excel at any one class. Instead, it will help you teach yourself about music technology, and should give you everything you need to operate in that field.


Music Technology from Scratch considers topics like:


  • The nature and perception of sound
  • How the human voice and different musical instruments can be recorded
  • How to mix and master a recorded track
  • Arranging and sequencing a piece using MIDI
  • How to get the best results for your equipment
  • Managing recording sessions without a hitch
  • The concepts and technical terms you’ll need to know


About the Author


Mortimer Rhind-Tutt studied at the Royal Academy of Music, and spent years as a professional trumpet player. He later became the Principal of the Ealing Junior music School, and then Millfield School’s Head of Music Technology. He knows about practical music technology, and what students need in order to learn practical concepts quickly.



This richly illustrated and approachable edition of Music Technology from Scratch will prove a vital resource, both now and throughout your career.