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Nutrition and Immunity Paperback – 15 Aug. 2020

Nutrition and Immunity Paperback – 15 Aug. 2020

Kindle Edition Author: by Maryam Mahmoudi (Editor), Nima Rezaei (Editor) Seller name : Amazon
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This text outlines the complex relationship between proper nutrition and a healthy immune system, as well as at topics like cancer, aging, asthma and obesity.  


What does this book cover? 


Nutrition and Immunity outlines the underlying principles and concepts behind immuno-nutrition. It then details how your diet can affect issues like chronic illnesses, obesity, food intolerances, allergic asthma, child development and more. It explores how you can develop much healthier eating patterns, and how you can engineer these patterns to make you more resistant or resilient to certain problems.


This book explores topics like:


  • The latest research on immuno-nutrition
  • Eating to encourage healthy gut microflora
  • Balancing inflammation and immune tolerance with diet
  • Delivering immuno-nutritional programming in a clinical setting
  • Practice guidance for endocrinologists, immunologists, dieticians and a range of other healthcare providers


About the Editors 


Dr Nima Rezaei teaches at the Department of Immunology and Biology at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr Maryam Mahmoudi teaches at the Nutritional Science and Dietetics department of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr Amene Saghazadeh contributed technical editing as well.



Together, they have created a must-have text for any health professional whose practice touches upon the interface of immunology, nutrition and diet. It will contribute to any evidence-based clinical practice.