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OCR A Level Biology Student Book 1 Paperback – 29 May 2015

OCR A Level Biology Student Book 1 Paperback – 29 May 2015

Kindle Edition Author: by Adrian Schmit, Jenny Wakefield-Warren, Richard Fosbery Seller name : Amazon
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The OCR have fully endorsed this high quality, comprehensive book which has been made available to help students meet the new, higher GCSE standards.


What does this book cover? 


This book has been written specifically to help students get the best possible scores on the OCR exam board’s A-Level and AS-Level Biology syllabus. It is fully endorsed by the OCR itself, and is among the most authoritative study guides now available. It will support you through both the written and practical tests, and includes extensive online resources. This content was first taught in September of 2015 and first examined in June 2016.


This student book offers you:


  • Online access to glossaries, learning outcome summaries and commentary
  • A chapter dedicated to Maths in Biology to ensure that you have all the skills you’ll need to pass the exams
  • Practice Questions and Test Yourself Questions throughout, intended to help you gauge your understanding


About the Authors 


Jenny Wakefield-Warren, Richard Fosbery and Adrian Schmit have long been a writing team, though each have individual credits as well. Their earlier works include the OCR A Level Human Biology AS and A2 Revision Guide, the OCR A-Level/AS Biology A Workbook: Exchange and transport; Biodiversity, evolution and disease and OCR A Level Biology Student Books 1 & 2.



You’ll find this book to be a great guide to the OCR A-Level Biology exams.