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OCR Geology for A Level and AS Paperback – 9 Jun. 2017

OCR Geology for A Level and AS Paperback – 9 Jun. 2017

Paper Back Author: by Debbie Armstrong, Frank Mugglestone, Malcolm Fry, Ruth Richards, Stephen Davies, Tony Shelton, Vince Williams Seller name : Amazon
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OCR Geology for A Level and AS was written to help you thrive in your A-Level Geology studies. It is officially endorsed by OCR.


What does this book cover? 


This edition of OCR Geology for A Level and AS is an ideal companion piece to your core textbook. It can also make all the difference when it comes to revising.


OCR Geology for A Level and AS follows the standard A and AS-Level curriculum very closely, addressing topics like:


  • Minerals and their composition
  • Igneous rocks and the processes which form them
  • Sedimentary rocks and the deposition process
  • Metamorphic rocks, and how they are transformed
  • Fossils, fossil formation and geologic time
  • The structure of the earth, and how it can be observed
  • Plate tectonics and the formation of the continents
  • Structural geology and its applications
  • Economic geology – the resources of the earth
  • Geohazards and the risks of exploration & extraction
  • How the climate and biosphere have evolved
  • Basin structure, formation and analysis


About the Authors


Dr Vincent Williams teaches at Truro College. Professor Tony Shelton has taught at Keele and Sultan Qaboos Universities. Dr Ruth Richards teaches at Nottingham Trent University. Frank Mugglestone is Head of Department for post-16 Geology. Stephen Davies is a retired Deputy Head Teacher, and provides teacher training.



OCR Geology for A Level and AS is a great choice for anyone who is preparing for their A or AS-level exams in Geology.