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Ore Deposit Geology Hardcover – Illustrated, 4 July 2013

Ore Deposit Geology Hardcover – Illustrated, 4 July 2013

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This hardcover edition of Ore Deposit Geology explores the features, formation processes and histories of economically relevant ore deposits all around the world.


What does this book cover?  


Ore Deposit Geology is closely mapped to major Ore Deposit Geology class curricula, and makes an excellent textbook for graduate level or upper undergraduate classes. It assumes a basic understanding of the geosciences, and explains the tectonic, hydrological, geochemical and petrological aspects of ore deposition in great detail. This makes it very useful, not just to students and educators, but also to professional geologists.


In Ore Deposit Geology, you’ll find discussions of:


  • The magmatic processes which create many ore deposits
  • The sedimentary geological processes which form many other economically important deposits
  • Notes on the modelling, exploration and extraction of economically important ores


About the Author


Professor John Ridley has taught field geology and ore deposit geology at Colorado State University for the last seven years. He is the Malcolm McCallum Chair of Economic Geology there. He has had prior teaching positions in Zimbabwe, Switzerland and Australia. Professor Ridley is heavily published in the field, and active in industry.



Ore Deposit Geology is not just a textbook but also a handy guide to professional geologists working in resource extraction.