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Physical Biology of the Cell Paperback – 21 Nov. 2012

Physical Biology of the Cell Paperback – 21 Nov. 2012

Kindle Edition Author: by Hernan Garcia, Jané Kondev, Jane Kondev, Julie Theriot, Rob Phillips Seller name : Amazon
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This is the perfect introductory text for beginning students in either biophysics or physical biology. It is suitable for both graduate and undergraduate level studies.


What does this book cover?


Physical Biology of the Cell looks at the entire meta-field of cellular and molecular biology, and seeks to differentiate it from physical biology. It is lavishly illustrated, and makes for an easily approachable first text for an undergraduate student as well as for high level graduates seeking to explore a new field or a new perspective.


Key resources of Physical Biology of the Cell include:


  • An organisation of the study of biology according to the type of physical concepts that underlie its phenomena
  • End-of-chapter problems and references to prepare you for exams
  • Online access to the resources of the Garland Science Website


About the Authors


Dr Rob Phillips teaches at the California Institute of Technology where he holds the post of Fred and Nancy Morris Professor of Biophysics. Dr Jane Kondev teaches graduate level physics at Brandies University. Dr Julie Theriot teaches at the Stanford School of medicine, where she specialises in biochemistry, microbiology and immunity. Dr Hernan Garcia teaches at Princeton University.



In Physical Biology of the Cell, they present a text perfect for both students and researchers.