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Practical Engineering Geology (Applied Geotechnics) Paperback – Illustrated, 13 Jan. 2012

Practical Engineering Geology (Applied Geotechnics) Paperback – Illustrated, 13 Jan. 2012

Kindle Edition Author: by Steve Hencher Seller name : Amazon
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Practical Engineering Geology is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how a geologist can support a geological engineering project safely and effectively.


What does this book cover?


Practical Engineering Geology is part of the famed Applied Geotechnics series of textbooks. It is lavishly illustrated, and filled with case studies to help you understand how theory can be applied to industrial operations on (and below) the ground.


Readers of Practical Engineering Geology will learn about:


  • How to avoid danger and be prepared for unexpected conditions in the field
  • Spotting and identifying engineering workplace hazards
  • Designing the structures of engineering projects, including foundations, tunnels, slopes and ramps
  • Understanding geotechnical parameters
  • Conducting geological materials testing and site investigations
  • Modelling of ground and geological structures for engineering projects


About the Author 


Professor Steve Hencher has a research position in Engineering Geology at the University of Leeds, and is Director of the Halcrow firm of consulting engineers. He has a deep understanding of the interface between engineering and geology, and how geological engineering fits into various industries.



In Practical Engineering Geology (Applied Geotechnics), Professor Hencher presents an easy to follow guide which can form the basic foundation of your own geological engineering practice.