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Reward Management: Alternatives, Consequences and Contexts (Cipd)

Reward Management: Alternatives, Consequences and Contexts (Cipd) Paperback – 3 Jan. 2020

Kindle Edition Author: by Sarah Jones, Stephen J Perkins Seller name : Amazon
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Attracting and keeping the best talent means understanding the way people really want to be rewarded. This book will help you make a real difference.


What does this book cover?


Perfect for teachers/trainers and students alike, this fantastic new volume on reward management in the global marketplace shows how the old ‘one-size-fits-all model of compensation simply doesn’t work, even for small-scale local organisations. It explains the theoretical frameworks behind different reward systems, and lends advice on applying them in the real world.


In addition to the full curriculum of the Level 7 CIPD module in Reward Management. This 2020 publication includes sections on:


  • Employee benefits
  • Job Evaluation
  • Non-financial rewards
  • Pay setting
  • Pay structures
  • Reward for expatriates
  • Reward in different global cultures
  • The benefits of recruiting and retaining multi-local talent


About the Author


Sarah Jones teaches at the University od Northampton, where she is Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour. Stephen J. Perkins holds an emeritus professorship at London Metropolitan University. He is also a Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute.



This book can help you offer a truly competitive reward and compensation package, securing the talented people your organisation will need to truly thrive. No ambitious HRM student should be without it!