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Strategy and Human Resource Management (Management, Work and Organisations)

Strategy and Human Resource Management (Management, Work and Organisations) Paperback – 25 Sept. 2015

Kindle Edition Author: by John Boxall, Peter & Purcell Seller name : Amazon
125 reviews

John Purcell and Peter Boxall have decades of experience and a deep understanding of what it means to deliver meaningful HR services. 


What does this book cover?


Separately, Boxall and Purcell are both experts in their niches of practice. Together, they have delivered a book which will come to be seen as an indispensable resource for undergraduates, postgraduates and MBA students for human resources management, as well as a useful handbook for practicing professionals.


New features in this revised edition include:


  • The latest research into how HRM strategy can improve an organisation
  • The theory behind modern HRM
  • Case studies and practical application of theory to key events
  • Strategic HRM analyses
  • HR strategy for multinational corporations
  • HR strategy for multidivisional firms
  • HR strategy for the service industry
  • HR strategy for the manufacturing industry
  • At the same time, it will give you a number of tips and for applying what you’ve learned even against push-back.


About the Author 


John Purcell put in 15 years as the Deputy Chairman of the Central Arbitration Committee int hr UK, and currently teaches at Bath University. Peter Boxall teaches at the University of Auckland Business School in New Zealand, where he serves as their Associate Dean of Research.



This book is a necessary read for anyone striving to deliver game-changing HR services in any type of organisation, at any scale, anywhere in the world.