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[(Telecommunications Crash Course)] [ By (author) Steven Shepard ] [September, 2014]

[(Telecommunications Crash Course)] [ By (author) Steven Shepard ] [September, 2014] Paperback – 20 Sept. 2014

Kindle Edition Author: by Steven Shepard Seller name : Amazon
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Telecommunications Crash Course delivers a solid foundation in the engineering and scientific principles that underlie the TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology) industries.


What does this book cover?


This updated 3rd edition of Telecommunications Crash Course By Steven Shepard was designed to be an introductory textbook for undergraduate, graduate and professional courses in telecommunications engineering and related fields.


Telecommunications Crash Course addresses content like:


  • Cloud technologies, date centres and emerging trends
  • The convergence if IT, media and telecoms engineering
  • IP networking, MPLS and IPv6
  • Optical switching, high speed IP switching, DWDM and other transport technologies
  • Wireless technologies, including RFID, Bluetooth, LTE, HSPA and GSM
  • Wired communications technologies like DSLAM, CMTS and DOCSIS 3.0
  • LANs, WiFi, USB and other ‘premises’ tech
  • SIP, VOIP and Telephony
  • The many different data communications protocols
  • The regulatory framework and industrial standards of the IT industry


About the Author


Steven Shepard specialises in international telecommunications. He is well-known as a writer and an educator in telecommunications engineering, and has written books like Optical Networking Demystified and Telecommunications Convergence.



Telecommunications Crash Course By Steven Shepard is an important text on the convergence of the telecoms, media and technology sectors, and gives one of the most comprehensive overviews of the telecom industry available. It is a ‘must read’ for any student of telecommunications engineering.