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The Art of Frank Cho: A Twenty-Year Retrospective Paperback – 3 Aug. 2020

The Art of Frank Cho: A Twenty-Year Retrospective Paperback – 3 Aug. 2020

Paper Back Author: by Frank Cho (Author, Artist), John Fleskes (Introduction) Seller name : Amazon
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The Art of Frank Cho looks back on the last 20 years of comic book artist Frank Cho’s explosive career, and how he achieved it.


What does this book cover?


Frank Cho is perhaps best known for his work for the major American comic book and superhero brands, but this retrospective starts with his early student work, and the pieces he did for relatively minor, creator-owned comics.


Readers will learn a great deal about Cho’s art through:


  • The artist’s own commentary on more than 380 of his most iconic (and most obscure) pieces of work
  • A number of covers and interior pages the artist himself chose especially for this volume
  • Pencil sketches and previously unpublished preliminary pieces from Cho’s archives
  • Step by step walkthroughs of his process
  • Behind the scenes sneak peaks at work that is yet to be released


About the Author 

John Fleskes runs Flesk Publications, specialising in exploring contemporary art and the artists behind it. Frank Cho himself is a self-trained comic book artist who launched his first title in 1997, but was quickly recruited by marvel Entertainment. He has worked on marvel titles like Hulk, The Mighty Avengers, X-men and Spider-Man, as well as Harley Quinn for DC.



This book is a celebration of his work, and an exploration of his artistic process.