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The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture

The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture Hardcover – 4 July 2016

Kindle Edition Author: by Jessica Eise, Whitney Hodde Seller name : Amazon
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This book explains the agricultural industry’s problem of refusing to communicate with its customers, and how the lack of trust that creates could destroy it.


What does this book cover?


The authors of The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture tell is that in the era of GMO foods, drastic ecological change and political uncertainty, the public demands more information and transparency than ever of the agricultural industry. However, the industry is deeply unwilling to provide that transparency, and all of the ‘wrong’ parties have stepped in to fill that information vacuum.


This guide will help you learn about the factors that contribute to the lack of real communication between food producers and food consumers, such as:


  • Rapidly changing demographics
  • Shifts in population and settlement patterns
  • An unprecedented rate of technological advance
  • The industry’s lack of effort to formulate a coherent message, or to communicate to its ultimate customers


About the Authors


Whitney Hodde is a teacher and researcher at Purdue University’s Agricultural Economics Department, and is trained in agricultural economics. She is an expert in environmental finance and has a background in farming. Jessica Eise is Director of Communications at Purdue’s Agricultural Economics Department. She has also worked in policy communications, and trained in international relations.



Here, they put their expertise to work for you, outlining the problems the agricultural industry has communicating with its markets.