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The Management Delusion: What if we're doing it all wrong?

The Management Delusion: What if we’re doing it all wrong? Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition Author: by Matt Casey Seller name : Amazon
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The simple truth is that most of the time, management fails to achieve its real goals. The Management Delusion helps you finally get management right.


What does this book cover?


The Management Delusion: What if we’re doing it all wrong? Advocates a revolutionary concept called ‘Minimum Effective Management’. It is designed to make your management efforts vastly more efficient, and to prevent the kind of management errors which simply get in your employees’ way.


It posits that:


  • Traditional management techniques really aren’t working, and haven’t worked for decades – if they ever really did
  • As many as 85% of employees all over the world are either poorly engaged with their work, or are actively disengaged – and their productivity shows it.
  • 75% of the time, employees quit because of their manager(s), not because of their job.


About the Author 


Matt Casey is the cofounder of Do Things. He is a kind of professional free thinker and a breaker of paradigms who specialises in seeing the ways traditional business processes fail us, and how we can overcome them with truly revolutionary ways of thinking.



The Management Delusion can help you stop making the mistakes that have defined management for decades, and move forward to bring yourself, your team and your organisation real success.