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The Science of Animal Agriculture

The Science of Animal Agriculture, 5th Hardcover – 30 Mar. 2018

Paper Back Author: by Ray Herren Seller name : Amazon
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This 5nd edition of The Science of Animal Agriculture is a thoroughly updated guide to the life sciences which underlie modern agricultural animal production techniques.


What does this book cover?


The Science of Animal Agriculture has been a textbook of choice for animal science educators for decades. It not only provides a simple and accessible introduction to the various animal and agricultural sciences, it also provides deep and insightful explorations of the way the life sciences and the agricultural industries support and inform each other.


The revised 5th edition also contains in-depth explorations of:


  • Animal welfare, environmental concerns and consumer issues with the agricultural industry today
  • Production issues, such as biotechnology, disease prevention & detection and animal nutrition
  • The sciences which inform good agricultural management, like animal behaviour, growth & development and reproductive issues


About the Author                                                                                      

Dr. Ray V Herren grew up working with livestock production. He took his Master’s degree in Agribusiness Education from Alabama A&M and his doctorate from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. He taught for years, and retired as the head of the Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communication at the University of Georgia in Athens.



Dr Herren puts all of that expertise into creating a wonderful resource for animal science students and educators alike.