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The Self-Esteem Workbook, 2nd Edition Paperback – Illustrated, 26 Jan. 2017

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The Self-Esteem Workbook, 2nd Edition Paperback – Illustrated, 26 Jan. 2017

Kindle Edition Author: by Glenn R Schiraldi PhD Seller name : Amazon
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The Self-Esteem Workbook is a great way to learn how to value yourself without judgement, without approval from others and without relying on external factors.


What does this book cover?


This revised 2nd edition of The Self-Esteem Workbook is not just a few positive catch phrases. It looks at how ways of thinking form in the mind, the ways diet, exercise and sleep pattern affect the brain, and how all of these factors can affect self-esteem.  It is a roadmap to finally feeling good about yourself.


The Self-Esteem Workbook will teach you to:


  • See yourself through loving, non-judgmental eyes
  • Realise your inherent worthiness and value
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, or to arbitrary goals
  • Treat yourself with unconditional love and compassion
  • Eat right, sleep right and exercise right to cement positive self-esteem


About the Authors  


Dr Glenn R Schiraldi has worked with the Pentagon, the University of Maryland and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. His books have been translated into 9 languages, and has been praised in journals like the International Stress and Tension Control Society Newsletter, the Mind/Body Health Review, The Washington Post and the American Journal of Health Promotion.



The Self-Esteem Workbook is a great place to stat rebuilding your self-esteem, and feeling better for good.